02 March 2010

the design thinking project

today, we began to turn our attention to the design thinking project, a space in our syllabus to show our prowess about design thinking on some issue. students brainstormed a design thinking project with the following QUALITIES...

a project that...
...improves study skills
...benefits the team and society long term
...helps the community
...triggers design thinking in others
...shows both individual + group capabilities
...is fun
...students can put on their resume/in their portfolio
...allows the team to work with diverse people/majors for a different perspective
...incorporates many features/approaches/deliverables
...exposes strengths and bolsters weaknesses of the group + its members
...is doable in the time allotted but allows the team to stretch/innovate/soar

watch this blog space for regular updates on this project. and if you have an idea about a design thinking project that embraces these qualities, pass it along.