25 March 2011

neighborhood perambulations

i am fortunate every day to be able to walk to work and enjoy my neighbors' flora in the form of flowers + blooming trees. using only ivan, the iphone, i stop to record this beauty...and as many know....post these images on facebook. in the spring, this usually results in friends from the north remarking how far advanced spring is already. i enjoy doing this because it puts a bit of beauty in the world -- something that i see that i can share with others.

04 March 2011

roanoke ladder display

at the art museum in roanoke, i saw a ladder happening made from stepping devices gathered from throughout the city. terrific alternative ladders and more traditional step and extension ladders, fastened together with zip ties, made for an interesting installation.

02 March 2011

studio work continues

headed toward spring break...but the students continue to press forward in teams of three as they work on JENGA 3.0. kara koy + cassie bradfield gather around their physical model, squaring up their ideas...