26 February 2012

sketch : photo : blog

on wednesday, we gathered in the alumni house for a special presentation linked to the honor's college FOOD FOR THOUGHT series. during that session, i presented drawings in five of my sketchbooks to students. in addition to looking at florence through my own lens, i asked fourth year students, REBECCA LADD and DANIELLE WAYE, to also share their views of the tuscan city.

rebecca's gorgeous blog and danielle's beautiful photography certainly showed all in attendance the importance of recording and remembering the places we visit.

13 February 2012

and from the material culture world...

image from www.npr.org

maggie johnson sent me this link to a very interesting story linking food + material culture.

thanks, maggie, and happy eating, all... (personally i like the "bitter" cookie and over sweet "cream").

08 February 2012

a short conversation on building models...

online this morning, i had this interchange about models in the design process with callie mitchell, 2005 grad from iarc. pay attention to the post, folks!

07 February 2012

library projects update

image from the jackson library reading room : brian peck
proposal cover sheet for music library : anna behrendt

students in my studio class are working on new proposals for the interior of the jackson library and the music library on campus. you can follow their work through their own blogs.

01 February 2012

some words of wisdom on authenticity

The creative artist does not work in a vacuum of intuitive genius; he is grounded in the craft. His duty is to get so fine an education, to be so versed in the chosen science or craft in which he works, that Intuition and Inspiration may plant their foothold in his heart. -- Sophy Burnham