09 September 2010

reading comprehension one

in iar222, natalie and i are exploring a new system for reading comprehension. in years past, i have assigned in class quizzes and that eats up class time...although my former teaching assistant, gwen mckinney, derived some excellent quizzes on the required reading. one goal for those quizzes was to work from both a visual and textual standpoint. so, natalie and i amended gwen's initial efforts (plus a change in textbooks) to try an out-of-class system. here's the prompts the students received.

and here are selected answers from four students, one for each of the prompts.

james mcnair : response to prompt 4...this has a nice reflection on design voice embedded within...


daniel salgado : response to prompt 3...with great observations about looking at things from the perspective of two cultures...


samantha smith : response to prompt 2...the textile analysis query (a beautiful analysis)


willard weston : response to prompt 1...commodity, firmness, and delight....well done!


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