17 September 2009

presentation workshop : the oil lamp example


as students conclude the first segment of hss125, they will be analyzing a series of artifacts from the period 1750-1850. today in class, we worked together using an oil lamp and created a presentation to help them see that visual media can actually WORK WITH the topic to help underscore central themes and issues. by developing a three point outline, students reinforced salient concepts using this example...and will thus turn their attention to their own specific projects.

here's what we dreamed up:



lower/upper parts


pyramid/light bulb

erotic shape

hourglass shape/waist

knob/catch fingers

clear glass material

transparency/see oil


provide light

cold/hot to the touch


parlor…idea of darkness


compare/contrast to other oil lamps

whale oil industry

sperm whales killed in great quantity

pacific ocean focused

pass out of fashion/sustainability


and from there, we drew up slides and worked up some visuals...i've put together a demonstration slide that looks like this...

and here's the whiteboard in the room with some of our scribbles on it...

not bad for less than an hour's brainstorm.

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